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(the condition of having submitted to control by someone or something else; "the union was brought into submission"; "his submission to the will of God")

submission ( drf , drf )


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add-word-ptsubmissãoarademaker (web) 291 days ago new del
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add-example-ptSua submissão à vontade de Deus(system) (watson-translated-glosses-split.csv) 2687 days ago new del
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add-gloss-ptA condição de ter submetido ao controle por alguém ou algo mais(system) (watson-translated-glosses-split.csv) 2687 days ago new del
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add-example-ptA união foi trazido para o envio(system) (watson-translated-glosses-split.csv) 2687 days ago new del
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add-gloss-pta condição de ter submetido a controlo por alguém ou alguma coisa(system) (wei-por-30-synset.csv) 2973 days ago new del